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Please bear with us while we come out with some life changing (okay, that was a little dramatic) changes to our web home. In the meantime, we are still working with our existing clients and are always happy to meet new ones.  If you are interested in talking to us, click the Contact button below!  Oh!  Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to see when we launch our new site!

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We strive to create refined interiors that are uniquely curated for each individual client with a bent toward simple pure sustainable living.

We believe at the heart of each space are the people. Each person has their own unique ideas, concerns, perspective and story to tell. It is our job to listen, guide, and lead them through the design process, enabling their aesthetic to form.  Contact us!  We would love to tell your story!

                                         - Andra

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our studio hours are from 8am - 4pm
P: 214-316-9678

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